My College Experience

I have spent the past 3 years in college, one year in Oldham Sixth Form, and two years at Oldham College. My choice to leave sixth form and do a BTEC course at Oldham College instead was well and truly the best decision I have ever made.

Throughout my year at sixth form I did one piece of practical work in Media Studies, and didn’t seem to learn very much. As I want to go in to journalism I thought that attending sixth form would be my best option, and I think this is where a lot of students go wrong when making their decision as to which college to go to. I have learnt so much more practical and relevant skills at Oldham College than I ever did at Sixth Form. I have also been presented by so much interesting and amazing work experience. My personal experience with Sixth Form wasn’t a great one, I didn’t make many friends, and found that a lot of students and even teachers weren’t very friendly, and welcoming. I guess everyone has different experiences though, and I know of a few people who happened to enjoy their time at Sixth Form, but it really wasn’t for me.

I had the complete opposite experience with Oldham College, the teachers are so experienced, knowledgeable and friendly. I’ve also met the most intelligent and fascinating students, who were so welcoming and friendly. I found that I could completely be myself around my peers and teachers. Since studying at Oldham college my confidence has grown massively, especially when it comes to being on camera. I really am proud to say that I was a student at Oldham College, but again this was my personal experience. I’m not sure whether its just the media department with great facilities, but I have learnt so much that will give me a massive advantage for university. I have learnt how to set up cameras, how to work on sound and vision mixing in a studio, how to direct, and how to floor manage. I have also learnt a lot of theory work that will come in useful for university as well. I was able to gain a lot of great work experience at Oldham College. For example, earlier this year, our college hosted a by-election, and BBC One’s Annabel Tiffin came along to present it. We live-streamed the event so it was a lot of pressure for everything to go right, but it was a great experience, and will look really good on my CV.

I’m sad that my experience at Oldham College is over, but I am so excited to start a new adventure at university, with the knowledge and skills I have gained. Also because of the knowledge I have gained at college, I was recently short listed, and interviewed for a work experience opportunity on The One Show (still waiting to hear if I have got it). Thank you for a great two years, and thank you to my amazing teachers, for pushing me to do the best I can, for being so friendly and helpful, and for having the best sense of humour!

-Kirstie Norman




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