Uni Experience so Far

When it came to choosing which University to go to, I looked in to ones close by, and then realised that I wanted to move away, and start fresh in a different city. I am originally from Manchester, which is a fairly big city, and I wanted to move somewhere smaller. Sheffield Hallam peaked my interest straight away, the city, the course and the night life. Obviously the most important aspect when it comes to picking a university, is the course itself, but you have to like the location as well!

Before moving I really didn’t know what to expect, I was worried, excited, anxious and stressed all at the same time. Knowing that I will be in a new city on my own was a huge deal. My parents made my transition easy with helping me out both mentally and financially. They stayed very calm, even when I was being over-dramatic. My number one fear was the thought of not making any friends, which is weird because since being here I’ve realised its harder to not make friends! I instantly clicked with my flat mates and although I’m still yet to get to know my course mates, the ones I have met so far seem friendly !

What I was most looking forward to was probably freshers week. It ended up being a great week but not what I expected. I guarantee one mistake every fresher makes is buying tickets to everything, because trust me you won’t be up for going to every event haha. I think I went to about 2-3 out of the 6 I had planned. Obviously I was looking forward to a lot more than freshers week. I was also looking forward to starting my course and exploring the city.

I was very nervous about the moving process, as I’ve always lived with my parents and brothers. The first week was very nerve racking and I ended up going home for a few days because of how scared I was, but once I came back I instantly settled in, and had a night out with my flat mates (always a good way to break the ice). It was a waste of time and energy for me to get so stressed out about coming to university, because right now I feel completely at home.

University life has exceeded my expectations already, and it’s only the beginning. I’m so excited about what is to come.

Kirstie Norman (journalism student at SHU)