Why I Gave Up Vegetarianism

Most blogs you see are ‘why I gave up meat’ but not this one! Haha, I managed to go 5 years on a meat-free diet, but when I came to university I realised I couldn’t afford to be a vegetarian anymore, it might seem like a poor excuse, but I normally had quorn in my diet and it seemed more expensive than chicken pieces, or ham, weirdly. I also became a bit fed up with eating the same things, but my most important reason for giving up vegetarianism was the lack of energy I had, and the amount of weight I had put on! I don’t feel like I have to justify myself to anyone, but I do feel guilty. I had my first proper meaty meal today, which was a Christmas dinner (with my flatmates) so I had pigs in blankets, which made me feel even more guilty by the way, and some chicken. I felt like I hadn’t missed out on much to be honest, but I think I’ll see how i’ll go on with it, if I find I have more energy and feel better about myself than I’ll carry on eating meat, if not then I’ll probably cut it out of my diet again, but at least I tried out vegetarianism, for 5 years as well. So i’m proud of myself for that.