11 Things You’ll Know To be True If You Live In Student Halls

1 Late night talks are a thing

– Your deepest and darkest secrets come out at 3am! This is one of my favourite things about living in halls, at least once a fortnight you will most likely sit up with some of your flatmates and learn so much about each other.


2 spontaneous nights out are a weekly occasion

– “I’m not going out this week” is the biggest lie you’ll ever tell! Its 8pm and you and your flatmates are sat watching Soaps and one of you suggests a night out, and everyone else is suddenly in the mood to go out, and its never “just the one drink”.


3 You will most likely have a flat mascot!

Most people I know have traffic cones and trolleys in their flat, and on the rare occasion street signs! We have a more unique approach and have Beatrice the blow up doll, and Percy the inflatable penguin!


4 You adapt to loud noise

banging doors, and shouting coming from the flat? Doesn’t phase me anymore. You will most likely become used to the sound of drunk students singing in the street, and the sound of music coming from another flat. It’s a rare occasion to have a peaceful nights sleep


5 Don’t shit where you eat is the best advice you will receive. 

When you live in a flat of mixed gender and most of you are single, there will always be the slight chance of a drunken kiss, or more! personally I have avoided this situation. Imagine having to avoid the kitchen/living room just in case you bump in to the guy you had that drunken snog with! Not worth it.


6 A Chunder Chart is very serious business

The chunder chart will cause more arguments than who’s turn it is to take the bin out. “Does it count if I felt ill before I started drinking?” yes, if alcohol is involved it counts!


7 Staying in bed all day is acceptable 

One of the greatest things about living in halls is not having to worry about your parents judging you for staying in bed all day. Whether you have a lazy day once a month, or twice in a week, it will most likely consist of binge watching Netflix TV shows, and staying in the same clothes all day.


8 You will feel proud of yourself at times

The best feeling is when you realise you can actually keep yourself alive. Doing your own washing, cleaning the flat, and cooking proper meals for yourself will be very proud moments, then the independence disappears when your home for the holidays.


9 The cleaner doesn’t actually ‘clean’ your flat

Although you don’t pay any extra for a cleaner, when they come to clean your flat you actually expect them to do much more. A bit of vacuuming in the living room, and then taking the bin bag out of the bin, and leaving it in the middle of the kitchen is quite frustrating! I won’t be too harsh though, our cleaner once brought us some jelly babies!


10 The unwelcome guest

There will always be that person who you invited round on freshers week when you were drunk, and they now think its okay to turn up whenever and majorly outstay their welcome. “So, I’ve got a 9am lecture, gonna go bed soon” isn’t a big enough hint for them to leave!


11 It’s well and truly the best experience ever

At times you will feel like breaking down from lack of sleep, and pots being left in the sink for days, but most of the time you’ll be happy about living in halls. Your flat is your home for the meantime, and the people you live with end up being a second family that you can go to when you need advice, or if you’re just feeling like having a chat.


– Kirstie Norman