Why being in your 20’s today, is like being in your 30’s

In this day and age I feel like i’m constantly justifying myself for not being in a relationship. Quite frankly, I have never had a serious boyfriend, but being 20 years old you’d think that was an okay thing, it seems not though.

I can name 7/8 girls off the top of my head who are my age and have a child, and that’s just the ones I went to school with. This isn’t a bad thing, and some women are mentally ready to have children at this age, but I can barely look after myself. I have never thought about having children, and can’t see myself with one. I also feel like if I wasn’t at university my family would be pushing me to settle down, as everyone in my family are in long-term relationships, and have been from a young age.

I just think that there is so much pressure to be in a relationship in your 20s because people start to panic about being a certain age and not having settled down yet. My approach is that i’m gonna keep doing what i’m doing. I want to focus on myself and get a career before I think about stuff like that, and just have fun dating without it turning in to anything serious. I’m not against relationships, and if I find someone I want to be with, then i’ll be with them. I just think that there is no rush, i’m happy, that’s all that matters.