My new found love for reading

I used to read quite a lot, but since discovering alcohol and socialising, I found those things to be much more interesting.

Recently, I was sorting through my old books (as I’ve just moved rooms), and discovered so many that I haven’t read yet, but remember purchasing them. I decided to pick up Looking for Alaska, by John Green. I sat in the garden, on a deck chair, with the sun beaming on my skin. After two hours of reading, and losing track of time, my skin was red raw from the sun, but I felt so relaxed and found myself feeling really good. The best thing for me about reading, is that feeling of getting lost in a book, and not being able to put it down.

Lately, i’ve not been myself, and i’ve felt really down because of something that happened, but i’ll talk about that in another blog post. Anyway, finding that escape, with a fictional story, was just what I needed.

I have 3 months until I go back to uni, so I want to try and do as much reading as possible, which I know sounds boring, but i’m a bit skint at the moment, so can’t exactly go travelling or anything.

I’m not really sure what I want to read next, i’m going to write a list. If anyone has any recommendations, let me know!


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